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Vedic Yoga    (Assisted Stretching)

Vedic Yoga, A.K.A. the lazy persons yoga, allows for the recipient to fully relax in a breath induced meditative state. The artist blest manipulates the relaxed body into yoga asanas (postures) allowing the recipient to receive the full benefit of the pose without any strain. This technique is used to aid the flow of chi through nadis; energetic epi-centers in the body.

Flying Therapeutics

Inverted therapeutics is an advanced technique of releasing spinal pressure. It can also be used to open the back, as well as open the heart and sacrum

As a multi-faceted artist and healer I provide a variety of other wellness services. If there is a service you do not see listed, feel free to contact me.Additional services are a minimum of $95 an hour.Classes     AYfit                              Meditation with Sound and MovementSpace ClearingAccountability Partnering

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