I enjoy working in a team environment.

Born and raised in Chandler, Arizona. I attended university at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA. I have photographed over 40 countries on 6 continents. I developed Norwegian Cruise Line's photo department from '09-'13. I am a student practitioner of traditional Vedic, Chinese, and Tibetan living practices. Based in Delray Beach, Florida I am promoting health for the earth and its inhabitants.


I had an amazing photo shoot with Brian Lester. I had this story that photos of me never come out as good as I think they would. On top of that, it was a really stressful time in my life so I was feeling a little self-conscious about the way I looked. However I needed these photos professionally and right away. Brian and his partner Barbara made me feel so comfortable and created a warm fun atmosphere supporting me to relax and have fun. They reminded me to feel confidant and beautiful. The pictures came out great and I got over the story that I'm not photogenic. Thank you Brian, great job! 



I did my prenatal photo shoot with Brian at the beach for sunrise. We also did our little girls post-natal shots, at 3 days old. Brian is easy to work with, has an eye for light and is excellent at using his surroundings to enhance the scenery. I have chosen Brian to be the photographer at my best friend’s wedding as my gift to her. I guess you could say I trust him!

- Nicole 

Brian is an artist as well as photographer. He looks for best backgrounds to place you. He looks for your best sides and angles. He is patient and understanding of your intended results. I highly recommend him.

Dr. George Xavior Love


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